AI Boom Breeds Jobs: Prompt Engineers Top New Profession, Ethics in Demand

AI has spurred the creation of many new job roles, with AI prompt engineer being the most in-demand and searched for new profession, followed by human integration specialist.


  • A recent study by Workyard analyzed thousands of job listings and Google search trends to identify emerging professions linked to the rise of AI.
  • AI prompt engineer is the top new job, with 7,000 job openings and over 60,000 Google searches in the past year.
  • The high demand is attributed to media coverage and its position as one of the first professions born from the recent AI boom.
  • Human integration specialist, with 6,000 job openings and similar search volume, is another fast-growing AI-related role.
  • Other notable new professions include 3D printing engineer, AI product manager, drone manager, AI research scientist, and virtual reality therapist.
  • Despite the low number of openings, AI ethicist is a field with considerable interest and existing professionals.
  • The study highlights the significant impact of AI on the job market, creating new opportunities and demanding new skillsets.


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