AI: Friend or Foe?

AI will transform the way we work and create new jobs, but implemented properly, it can free humans for our best and highest uses.


  • CEOs see AI as a significant opportunity for organizations, but adoption is still lagging.
  • AI will create entirely new jobs, just as past innovations have done.
  • AI may impact white-collar jobs more than others initially.
  • But premiums for human skills like judgment and creativity will increase.
  • AI can improve efficiency in areas like software development, marketing personalization, drug discovery.
  • It also enables new capabilities in business forecasting, risk management, fraud detection.
  • With proper implementation, AI can unlock productivity and help address labor shortages.
  • Leaders need to invest in data, controls, and workforce training to realize the potential.
  • Harnessing AI's potential responsibly is critical for business and government leaders.