AI Predicts Antidepressant Efficacy in a Week

An AI algorithm can predict within a week whether the antidepressant sertraline will be effective for a patient with major depressive disorder, by analyzing brain scans and clinical data. This could help avoid unnecessary prescriptions and improve treatment outcomes.


  • Researchers developed an AI algorithm that can predict antidepressant efficacy up to 8 weeks faster than current methods.

  • It analyzes blood flow in the anterior cingulate cortex and symptom severity to predict sertraline response.

  • The algorithm correctly identifies one-third of patients as sertraline responders, significantly reducing incorrect prescriptions.

  • This method may help better tailor depression treatment to individuals, avoiding side effects.

  • It highlights the potential of AI in revolutionizing mental health care and reducing societal costs of prolonged depressive episodes.

  • The researchers plan to improve the algorithm further by incorporating additional patient information.

  • The faster prediction could offer patients better quality care instead of the current trial-and-error approach that takes months.