Building Smarter AI Assistants: Say Goodbye to Frustrating Prompts!

DSPy is a framework that allows you to build AI assistants without having to write and tweak prompts for Large Language Models (LLMs).


  • LLM prompt engineering is difficult and time-consuming because small changes to prompts can cause major changes to the output.
  • DSPy offers a way to program on top of LLMs using a high-level programming framework. This framework can write and tune prompts for you.
  • An AI assistant is a computer program that provides assistance to a human doing a task.
  • DSPy uses agent pipelines to build AI assistants. These pipelines consist of smaller, specialized LLMs that work together to achieve a desired outcome.
  • DSPy supports zero-shot prompting, a technique where the system can answer questions without any prior training on specific prompts.
  • DSPy can also be used for text extraction tasks. You can instruct the LLM to identify specific entities within a user query.


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