Calling All Wordsmiths! Prompt Engineers Top AI Salary Chart at $300k

Prompt engineers, who craft prompts for Generative AI models, are the highest-paid AI professionals with an average salary of $300,000 per year. There is high demand for this role with over 2,100 open positions.


  • Highest paid AI job: Prompt engineer ($300,000/year, 2,100+ open positions)

  • Most in-demand AI job: AI research scientist (17,940 open positions, $132,000/year)

  • Other in-demand AI jobs:

    • Machine learning engineer (6,800 open positions, $160,000/year)
    • AI engineer (4,300 open positions, $105,000/year)
    • Big data engineer (3,300 open positions, $180,000/year)
    • Human integration specialist (2,300 open positions, $91,000/year)
    • AI developer (2,000+ open positions, $130,000/year)
    • API integration expert (1,600 open positions, $80,000/year)
    • NLP engineer (820 open positions, $109,000/year)
    • AI product manager (520 open positions, $135,000/year)
  • AI job postings are increasing, while the number of applicants is decreasing.


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