Gen-Z Ditches Bosses for AI Career Advice: Are You Meeting Their Needs?

Gen-Z, the fastest-growing workforce demographic, prefers career advice from ChatGPT over their managers due to a lack of human connection and support at work. This highlights the need for organizations to provide better career development opportunities and training for managers to effectively advise and inspire their teams.


  • Gen-Z reliance on ChatGPT for career advice:
    • 47% of Gen-Z prefer career advice from ChatGPT over their managers due to a lack of mentorship, training, and development opportunities.
    • Gen-Z values human connection and making a difference, but feel unsupported in their careers.
  • What organizations can do:
    • Empower managers to provide better career advice through training and resources.
    • Invest in learning and development programs like coaching, mentorship, online courses, and internal mobility opportunities.
  • What managers can do:
    • Prioritize open communication and regular career advice for their teams.
    • Develop individual career development plans with achievable goals.
    • Offer diverse training and development opportunities (conferences, online courses, cross-functional assignments).
  • What employees can do:
    • Manage up by scheduling meetings with their bosses to discuss career goals and ambitions.
    • Prepare for meetings with transferable skills, accomplishments, and defined goals.
    • Collaborate with managers to develop action plans and seek mentorship.

By fostering human connection, mentorship, and career development opportunities, organizations can create a thriving workplace that retains and motivates Gen-Z employees.



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