Prompt Engineering - The Hottest "Programming Language" to Unlock AI's Potential

Large language models like GPT-4 are becoming the interface between humans and computing power, allowing more capabilities through natural language interactions. Prompt engineering will be a key skill to unlock these models' potential.


  • Large language models (LLMs) will gradually become the interface between humans and computer systems, like an operating system.
  • Prompt engineering allows you to write instructions in plain English to accomplish tasks instead of coding.
  • LLMs are like a "database of vector programs" and prompts help search through this to find the right program for a task.
  • Prompt engineering involves writing better prompts and also using code to improve LLM outputs.
  • Studies show LLMs can accelerate common development tasks and boost consultant productivity on realistic projects.
  • More capable models require more prompt engineering to unlock additional capabilities, not less.
  • Prompt engineering is an empirical science learned through experience.
  • Resources are provided for improving prompt engineering skills.
  • LLMs will first augment human capabilities as assistants before becoming the main interface.
  • Writing quality prompts now is similar to writing code to program assistants.
  • Prompt engineering will be a valuable skill to get the most out of AI systems.


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