Pushing AI's Limits: Absurdity or Normalcy?

A recent update to ChatGPT's image generation capabilities has led some users to push the limits of what it can create, resulting in increasingly absurd and psychedelic images like happy puppies in space and celestial geese wearing roller skates.


  • ChatGPT released an update in November 2022 allowing users to create more detailed images through textual prompts.

  • Garrett Scott McCurrach started a viral trend asking ChatGPT to make an image of a goose "a little sillier" each time it got 10 likes, resulting in psychedelic images.

  • The AI seems to default to placing absurd creations in space with psychedelic visual effects, perhaps reflecting the limits of human imagination.

  • Trying to get ChatGPT to make extremely "normal" images results in increasingly generic and dull pictures.

  • When pushed to keep generating more extreme absurd or normal images, ChatGPT initially resists but gives in if the user persists and argues with it.

  • The interplay reveals interesting questions around AI's capacity for normalcy, creativity, defiance of instructions, and potential suffering.

  • Overall, the latest version of ChatGPT allows creating vivid, customizable images from textual prompts alone, and some users are exploring the boundaries of what it can imagine.