The Complex Role of AI in Political Campaigning

AI is being increasingly used by political campaigns to raise more money more efficiently. However, companies like OpenAI are limiting how campaigns can use their models due to concerns around potential misuse.


  • Tech for Campaigns conducted experiments in Virginia in 2022 using AI models like Google's Bard and OpenAI's ChatGPT to write fundraising emails. The AI-aided emails garnered significantly higher dollars raised per hour compared to human-written emails.

  • OpenAI recently announced organizations cannot use their tools for campaign efforts. Other options are still available like Google's tools and open-source models.

  • Tech for Campaigns plans to allocate over 33% of its 2024 budget to testing additional uses of AI for campaigns, like generating images/videos and identifying best messaging practices.

  • Separately, OpenAI announced a partnership with Common Sense Media to educate on AI safety for kids and recommend kid-friendly AI tools.

  • Major cloud providers like Google Cloud are competing to host emerging AI startups like Essential AI, founded by former Google engineers.

  • Columnist Jim VandeHei argues a new "techno-optimist" political movement is rising, made up of wealthy tech executives and investors using tools like social media and podcasts to build political influence.


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