The New Collaborator

AI is emerging as an important tool to enable closer collaboration between different teams like developers, operations staff, business users etc. for building AI applications as well as enhancing overall business processes.


  • Developing complex AI applications requires collaborative approaches between cross-functional teams like developers, data engineers, data scientists etc. AI is helping coordinate their efforts through process automation, real-time visibility into issues, shared metrics for faster iterations.
  • Surveys show majority of developers are already using or planning to use AI-based tools in their workflows. Many are also building AI applications.
  • Tools like generative AI, GitHub Copilot, AgentGPT etc. are covering many developer tasks like code generation, testing, debugging etc.
  • AI is fostering collaboration between developers and business teams by enabling data-driven product decisions tailored to business goals and customer needs.
  • AI streamlines information sharing, optimizes workflows, enhances communications for better employee engagement.
  • AI-powered chatbots, virtual assistants are improving internal communications.
  • AI provides insights from large datasets to aid in decision making.
  • Generative AI chatbots can facilitate natural language customer interactions to improve business-customer communications.
  • Organizations need to adapt to leverage the full potential of AI for collaboration through changes in working methods, integrating AI-driven insights and metrics.
  • AI for collaboration still a long-term vision and adoption varies across industries now. Areas like bias, privacy, ethics need to be addressed.


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