The Rise of the Prompt Engineers

The key takeaway is that "Prompt Engineers" who can skillfully provide prompts to AI systems to generate high-quality videos and other content are poised to become a critical new talent in the advertising and creative industries. As AI capabilities improve rapidly, mastering the art of prompts writing will be essential.


  • AI video generation is advancing rapidly, but output quality still depends heavily on the quality of prompts provided.
  • A new role of "Prompt Engineer" is emerging - prompting is becoming an essential skill for creatives, directors, producers etc.
  • Anthropic advertised a $375,000 salary for a Prompt Engineer role, indicating high demand.
  • Order of thinking is important - screenwriter first, then director, then DP when providing prompts.
  • Early AI video tended to have problems with realistic humans, emotions, groups of people but quality is improving very quickly.
  • AI can already produce quite coherent content and compelling visuals, though not fully photorealistic yet.
  • Filmmakers are using AI's uncanniness to create intense dystopian parody ads and content.
  • Massive, rapid change is coming to the commercial image-making industry due to AI advances.
  • To stay relevant, creative professionals need to urgently develop prompting skills and experiment with the latest AI tools.
  • The article warns not to underestimate how far AI capabilities could advance in future, even speculating it may one day read minds.


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