The secret weapon in tech? Meet the prompt engineer, making AI do your bidding.

Prompt engineering is a new and emerging field in tech that involves crafting instructions for generative AI tools to produce desired outputs. It's a promising career path with good earning potential, especially for those with technical backgrounds and strong communication skills.


  • What is a prompt engineer? They use natural language to create instructions for generative AI tools, like image or text generators.
  • Why are they important? They can save companies time and money by efficiently generating creative content, marketing materials, and other outputs.
  • Who hires them? Companies in various industries, including creative agencies, fast-food chains, and even hospitals.
  • Specialties: Different prompt engineers specialize in different areas, like visual arts, music, or writing.
  • How to become one: No specific degree exists, but online courses and a background in computer science or relevant field are helpful. Strong communication and a wide vocabulary are crucial.
  • Earnings potential: Salaries start above $100,000 and can reach $200,000, with many remote work opportunities.


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