Unlocking GPT-4's Potential: OpenAI's Guide to Mastering Prompt Engineering

OpenAI has published a guide to Prompt Engineering, which offers six strategies for getting better responses from their GPT language models, particularly GPT-4.


  • The guide outlines six key strategies for prompt engineering:
    • Write clear instructions.
    • Provide reference text.
    • Split complex tasks into simpler subtasks.
    • Give the model time to "think".
    • Use external tools.
    • Test changes systematically.
  • Each strategy includes specific tactics and examples for how to implement them.
  • Some of the tactics leverage the Chat API's "system message" parameter to control the model's behavior or provide it with additional context.
  • The guide also suggests using external tools and integrating the model with other systems for more complex tasks.
  • Testing changes systematically is crucial to ensure that the prompts are actually improving the model's output.
  • OpenAI is not the only provider offering prompt engineering tips; similar guides are available from Microsoft and Google.


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