2024 Cybersecurity Outlook: AI, Deepfakes, and VR Fuel Sophisticated Cyberattacks

Key Takeaway

In 2024, cyberattacks are expected to become more sophisticated and leverage emerging technologies like AI, deepfakes, and virtual reality, posing significant challenges for individuals and organizations.


  • Large Language Models (LLMs): Hackers will exploit LLMs to manipulate them into leaking private data.
  • AI-powered vishing: Deepfake audio and LLMs will enable automated, large-scale vishing attacks.
  • AI-powered cybercrime tools: AI-powered tools for tasks like social engineering and data scraping will become more common on the dark web.
  • VR/MR security vulnerabilities: Hackers will find ways to steal sensor data from VR/MR headsets, potentially recreating users' virtual environments.
  • QR code phishing attacks: A major cyberattack involving a malicious QR code is predicted.
  • Increased reliance on MSPs and security automation: With a cybersecurity skills shortage, organizations will turn to managed security service providers (MSPs) and automated security platforms using AI and machine learning.

Overall, the report highlights the evolving threat landscape in 2024, emphasizing the need for proactive cybersecurity measures and awareness of emerging attack vectors.


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