Show, Don't Tell: How to Prove Your AI Skills in 2024 Job Market

Candidates will need to demonstrate hands-on AI skills and experience to stand out to potential employers in 2024, rather than just claiming expertise. Both generalist knowledge and specialist skills are valuable.


  • Employers are urgently seeking candidates with applied AI skills as adoption moves beyond the hype phase.
  • Candidates should aim for a mix of generalist knowledge of major AI models and trends as well as specialist skills in developing or working with AI tools.
  • Examples of avoiding or solving AI problems like hallucinations are impressive to employers. Legal and ethical knowledge is also important.
  • Engineers especially need to debug and prevent issues with AI systems.
  • Candidates should showcase how they have incorporated AI into real projects rather than just conceptual knowledge.
  • Employers also have a role in upskilling employees on AI skills.
  • The ability to apply AI safely, legally and effectively is most valuable to employers.


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