Chatbots Making Us Nicer? How AI Might Be Improving Our Communication Skills

The way we interact with large language models (LLMs) through prompt engineering might be subtly improving our communication skills in real-life interactions, making us more considerate, patient, and kind.


  • Prompt engineering requires clear, thoughtful communication: This translates to more considerate and effective conversations in daily life.
  • LLMs often require iterative questioning: This instills patience, valuable in human interactions.
  • Empathy is needed to get meaningful responses from LLMs: This can lead to a more empathetic approach to communication with people.
  • Crafting effective prompts involves understanding the LLM's output: This might translate to better listening skills in real conversations.
  • The consideration and respect used in prompts might transfer to real interactions: This could lead to choosing words more carefully and treating others with more kindness.
  • It's unclear if interacting with LLMs definitively improves communication: However, it highlights the potential of technology to positively influence human behavior.
  • Our digital interactions might shape our communication in the long term: LLMs could make us more considerate and patient communicators.
  • The potential evolution of communication skills is an intriguing aspect of our relationship with technology: It encourages us to be more mindful communicators online and offline.


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