Craft Custom Travel Plans with AI Chatbots: Personalization Powered by Amazon Redshift and Bedrock

This blog post explores how to leverage Amazon Redshift and Amazon Bedrock to build generative AI chatbots using prompt engineering techniques. The example use case demonstrates a personalized travel itinerary planner that utilizes user data stored in Redshift to craft customized recommendations.


  • Generative AI solutions powered by foundation models are finding applications in various industries.
  • Amazon Bedrock is a managed service for building and scaling generative AI applications.
  • Prompt engineering involves crafting user inputs to guide generative AI towards desired outputs.
  • Prompt engineering can be used in various industries, such as banking, healthcare, and retail.
  • The blog demonstrates a travel itinerary planner chatbot that personalizes recommendations based on user data in Redshift.
  • The solution retrieves user information and booking details from Redshift and stitches them into a prompt for the generative AI model.
  • Prerequisites for deploying the solution include an AWS account, IAM role with permissions, and an SSL certificate.


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