AI Clothes Women Deemed Too Revealing

The key takeaway is that a new AI image app called DignifAI aimed at conservative users is gaining popularity by using AI to add clothing to women's photos or remove their tattoos, in contrast to other AI apps that remove clothes.


  • DignifAI emerged from 4chan with users adding clothes or removing tattoos from women's photos using AI image generation.
  • Many have criticized DignifAI as trying to control women's bodies or slut-shame them.
  • DignifAI has an account on X (formerly Twitter) where they posted edited photos from the Grammys, covering up women or removing tattoos.
  • DignifAI has instructions on their website for using an offline AI image generator like Stable Diffusion.
  • It was started by 4chan members who want to eliminate "e-girls" posting suggestive content by covering them up with AI.
  • Conservative influencer Jack Posobiec helped popularize DignifAI by retweeting their posts.
  • Recent AI apps generating nude images have caused scandals, but DignifAI has different motives rooted in "Trad" conservative internet culture.
  • Some criticize DignifAI as just slut-shaming women instead of restoring dignity.