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Florida Teens Face Felony Charges for Generating AI Nude Images of Classmates

In a shocking case of AI misuse, two teenage boys from Florida, aged 13 and 14, have been arrested and charged with a third-degree felony for allegedly generating and distributing AI-produced nude images of their middle school classmates without consent. The arrests, which took place in December, mark the first…

Copilot Gets a Reality Check: Microsoft Reins in AI After Disturbing Prompts

Microsoft's foray into the world of AI image generation has hit a snag, and it's a doozy. A staff engineer with a conscience, Shane Jones, took it upon himself to expose the dark underbelly of Copilot, Microsoft's AI image generator. Jones, a digital Robin Hood for the responsible AI movement,…

AI: Not a Job Thief, But a Workplace Assistant

AI is not replacing humans in the workplace, but rather assisting them by taking on tedious or time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-level work. READ ARTICLE

AI Generates Shockingly Realistic Videos from Text Prompts: Boon or Bane?

OpenAI's new generative AI system, Sora, can produce high-quality, realistic videos from just text descriptions. While not yet available to the public, Sora has the potential to revolutionize video creation but also raises ethical concerns about misuse and disinformation. READ MORE

Prompt Engineers in High Demand, But Are They the New Data Scientists?

Prompt engineering is a rapidly growing field with high demand and even higher salaries, but there is a significant shortage of skilled professionals. While the role requires a mix of technical and creative skills, there is no clear path to becoming a prompt engineer and the tooling is still under…

Master the Art of Talking to AI: A Guide to Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is a rapidly evolving field that has become an essential part of interacting with LLMs. This article provides an introduction to prompt engineering, covering the basics and delving into some of the most common techniques. Some of the key techniques covered in the article include: Chain-of-Thought prompting: This…

Architects of the AI Revolution: Rise of the Full-Stack Prompt Engineer

The key takeaway is that the role of "Full-Stack" AI Prompt Engineer is emerging as an important and in-demand position to architect AI systems and interactions. As AI becomes more integrated into daily life, there is tremendous opportunity - and responsibility - in this role. The article describes the rise…

DOJ to Punish AI-Enabled Crimes More HarshlyTags:

US Justice Department is directing federal prosecutors to pursue harsher penalties against criminals who have used AI to facilitate or advance their misconduct. There is a particular focus on election security and misuse of AI around the 2024 elections. READ MORE

USPTO: Humans Still Essential for AI-Assisted Patent Protections

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued guidance stating that only natural humans, not AI systems, can be named as inventors and awarded patents. This establishes that legal personhood and rights like intellectual property protections are still limited to humans.

Meta Tags AI Content Across Platforms

Meta is implementing new ways to detect and label AI-generated images across its platforms to promote transparency around this emerging technology. READ ARTICLE

Researcher Banned After Exposing AI's Nude Images

Midjourney, an AI image generation platform, banned independent researcher Tim Boucher shortly after he revealed the platform was inadvertently generating nude images, violating its own content policies. READ ARTICLE

The Future is AI: 13 Must-Have Skills for the Next Decade

Artificial intelligence skills and specializations like explainable AI, causal inference, ethics and governance, quantum ML, genetic engineering, cybersecurity, behavioral psychology, robotics coordination, sustainable resource management, cognitive simulation, multimodal UX design, translation, and digital twins will be in high demand over the next decade as AI continues its rapid development and…

New plugin helps businesses monitor ChatGPT data risks

Data security company Metomic has launched a browser plugin tool that allows businesses to monitor what sensitive data employees are uploading to ChatGPT, in order to identify data risks and prevent sensitive company information from being exposed. READ MORE

AI Clothes Women Deemed Too Revealing

The key takeaway is that a new AI image app called DignifAI aimed at conservative users is gaining popularity by using AI to add clothing to women's photos or remove their tattoos, in contrast to other AI apps that remove clothes. READ ARTICLE

Democratizing AI: Possibilities and Ethical Pitfalls

OpenAI's move to make its GPT-3 language model more accessible aims to democratize AI and unleash its potential across sectors. However, this raises ethical concerns about responsible development and use of AI. READ ARTICLE

The Dark Side of Democratized AI

The most common uses of AI tools like ChatGPT are spamming, cheating, faking, and other mundane or unethical purposes rather than truly democratizing intelligence. This reflects the simplistic human condition despite our intelligence. AI was supposed to lower the cost of intelligence but is instead lowering the cost of spam,…

Carlin's Estate Sues Podcast for Fake AI Special

The estate of late comedian George Carlin is suing the Dudesy podcast for using his likeness and material without permission to create an AI-generated comedy special featuring Carlin, but it turns out the special was actually written by a human. The Dudesy podcast released a 1-hour comedy special titled "George…

Microsoft Allegedly Stifles Worker Warning on AI Risks

Microsoft AI engineer Shane Jones discovered vulnerabilities in OpenAI's DALL-E 3 image generator in early December 2023 that allowed users to bypass safety filters to create violent and explicit images. He alleges Microsoft impeded his attempts to bring public attention to the issues and did not adequately respond to his…

Will AI turn coders into managers?

AI assistants like ChatGPT are more like employees you need to negotiate with rather than code you can precisely control, so integrating AI may turn programmers into managers of AI systems. READ MORE

The Path to Responsible AI with Julia Stoyanovich of NYU

In this enlightening episode, Dr. Julia Stoyanovich delves into the world of responsible AI, exploring the ethical, societal, and technological implications of AI systems. She underscores the importance of global regulations, human-centric decision-making, and the proactive management of biases and risks associated with AI deployment. Through her expert lens, Dr.

Can AI Revolutionize Education Without Compromising Ethics?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize education in various ways, but there are also risks and challenges that need to be addressed regarding ethics, privacy, and responsible development. Summary The summit discussed whether AI can revolutionize education and involved major figures like Hillary Clinton, Nicholas Kristof, Geoffrey Canada, and…

Can AI Revolutionize Education Without Compromising Ethics?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize education in various ways, but there are also risks and challenges that need to be addressed regarding ethics, privacy, and responsible development. Summary The summit discussed whether AI can revolutionize education and involved major figures like Hillary Clinton, Nicholas Kristof, Geoffrey Canada, and…

AI Governance: Navigating the High Stakes of Artificial General Intelligence

The key takeaway from the text is the urgent need for comprehensive governance and regulation of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), to ensure it abides by existing laws, respects intellectual property, and is developed and used responsibly, thereby preventing potential catastrophic consequences. This summary covers the essential…

ChatGPT Faces EU Privacy Crackdown

Italian data protection authority has accused OpenAI of breaching EU privacy laws regarding data collection and storage for training ChatGPT's AI models. OpenAI has 30 days to respond to the allegations.

AI-Powered Content Creation Market Poised for Exponential Growth

The key takeaway is that the content generation products market is expected to see significant growth through 2031, driven by increased demand and adoption of AI and machine learning-based content creation tools and platforms. Major players leading innovation in this space include OpenAI, Google, Amazon, Meta, Baidu, and others. In…

Generative AI - Climate Crisis Savior or Sinner?

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT have enormous potential to help fight climate change through better energy demand forecasting, renewable energy system design, and carbon capture solutions. However, they also come with a heavy carbon footprint themselves due to the vast compute resources required to train and run them. READ MORE

Pope Calls for AI Regulation After Own Deepfake Goes Viral

Pope Francis warned about the dangers of AI technology, citing the viral fake image of him wearing a puffer jacket that was generated using AI, which shows how AI can be used to spread misinformation. He called for international regulation of AI development and use to ensure it benefits humanity.

AI Policy in 2024

The evolving landscape of AI regulation. In 2023, significant developments occurred in AI policy, setting a precedent for the upcoming year. Key areas include the U.S. government's approach to AI regulation, challenges in addressing AI-related harms and risks, the role of AI in global technological competition, and the impact of…

The Rise of Trusted AIs

AI systems connected to sensors and actuators in the physical world will start interacting with and controlling the environment on a massive scale. This requires these AIs to be both trusted and trustworthy. READ MORE

Pushing AI's Limits: Absurdity or Normalcy?

A recent update to ChatGPT's image generation capabilities has led some users to push the limits of what it can create, resulting in increasingly absurd and psychedelic images like happy puppies in space and celestial geese wearing roller skates. ChatGPT released an update in November 2022 allowing users to create…

Balancing Innovation and Responsibility

The critical importance of ethical governance in AI within healthcare emphasizes the need for responsibility, trust, and safety. This includes the development of AI technologies with a strong focus on ethical implications, transparency, data privacy, and addressing potential biases, especially in patient care and data handling. Integration of Ethical Governance…

Hybrid AI in Critical Decision-Making

Hybrid AI, which combines the pattern recognition capabilities of sub-symbolic AI with the logical reasoning and explainability of symbolic AI, is essential for meeting the growing demands for transparency, accountability, and accuracy in critical industries. Generative AI's Limitations: Casper Wilstrup, CEO of Abzu, highlights that while generative AI is adept…

OpenAI's New Licensing Strategy

OpenAI is initiating content licensing deals with publishers to use their content ethically for training its AI models, amid industry-wide challenges regarding intellectual property rights and sustainable AI development. READ MORE

California Takes Lead in AI Accountability

California Senator Steve Padilla has introduced two bills - SB 892 and SB 893 - to establish ethical and safety guidelines for AI systems, especially those used by state agencies. The bills also aim to increase access to AI research and resources within the state. SB 892 requires the state…

The EU's AI Act Will Shape the Future of AI

The EU AI Act will have significant impacts on the development and use of AI, including generative AI, in Europe over the next 12-24 months. Although details are still being finalized, it aims to address risks while enabling innovation. READ MORE

TikTokers Unwittingly Birth New AI Tech

Alibaba created an "Animate Anyone" model that can animate images based on body movement keypoints, sparking debate about ethics and legal issues since it was reportedly trained on TikTok videos without consent. This case could set precedents for AI model training and use. READ MORE

Hybrid AI in 2024

In 2024, artificial intelligence will be dominated by "hybrid AI" where large "foundation models" like GPT-4 are used as the brain/orchestrator, while smaller specialized AI models focus on specific tasks and tie into the foundation models. Building the large foundation models will only be possible for the richest tech companies…

AI Leaders Pick Top Films on Artificial Intelligence

Key Takeaway The best AI movie according to most of the AI leaders interviewed is "Her" (2013) directed by Spike Jonze, which shows a nuanced and emotionally compelling depiction of humans bonding with AI. However, there is a variety of thoughtful AI movie recommendations that highlight different important aspects of…

Prompt Engineering to Unlock Generative AI's Potential

There is a wide range of practical prompt engineering strategies and techniques to become highly skilled at composing effective prompts for generative AI systems. Mastering prompt engineering can make or break your success with generative AI. READ MORE

The Year of AI: ChatGPT and Other Groundbreaking AI Tools That Stunned Us in 2023

Key Takeaway The year 2023 witnessed incredible advances in AI, with tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E 3, GitHub Copilot, and Claude demonstrating new capabilities in language, image generation, coding assistance, and more. Going into 2024, we can expect even more integration of AI across sectors and potentially some concerns around data…

AI and Generative Models Poised to Revolutionize Industries

Key Takeaway AI and generative AI like ChatGPT have immense potential to transform industries and drive a new technological/industrial revolution. AI can revolutionize various industries and lead to a new industrial revolution. Fast-growing generative AI will be increasingly applied across sectors in 2023 to transform industries. As AI becomes main…

ChatGPT Sparked an AI Gold Rush and Mainstream Breakthrough in 2023

Key Takeaway 2023 was a breakthrough year for AI, with billions in VC funding flowing into the sector, rapid advancements in generative AI models like ChatGPT, and increasing mainstream adoption and impact across many facets of society. However, there are still open questions around regulation, ethics, copyright issues, economics, and…

AI and Policing: 2023 Concerns

Key Takeaway The growing concern over the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in policing, particularly regarding the potential impact on civil liberties, privacy, and the perpetuation of historical inequalities. There is an increasing call for the ban of predictive policing technologies and greater scrutiny of law enforcement's use…

Stanford Report Fuels AI Ethics Debate

Key Takeaway Stanford found over 1,000 verifiable instances of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) in the LAION-5B dataset, sparking criticism and debate around content moderation in open-source AI. Summary The report from Stanford Internet Observatory details the methodology used to identify CSAM in LAION-5B, including using unsafe classifiers, photoDNA hashes,…