Prompt Engineers in High Demand, But Are They the New Data Scientists?

Prompt engineering is a rapidly growing field with high demand and even higher salaries, but there is a significant shortage of skilled professionals. While the role requires a mix of technical and creative skills, there is no clear path to becoming a prompt engineer and the tooling is still under development.


  • Prompt engineering involves crafting instructions to get the best results from generative AI tools.
  • It requires skills in AI, programming, language, problem-solving, and even art.
  • Demand for prompt engineers is high, with salaries reaching $300,000 per year.
  • Finding qualified prompt engineers is difficult due to the lack of established training and experience.
  • Some successful prompt engineers come from non-technical backgrounds like writing.
  • The ideal candidate likely has a business background combined with technical skills and creativity.
  • Robust tooling for prompt engineering is not yet available, making it a manual and challenging process.
  • AI is unlikely to fully replace humans in fields like wealth management, but it can assist professionals by handling routine tasks.


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