Carlin's Estate Sues Podcast for Fake AI Special

The estate of late comedian George Carlin is suing the Dudesy podcast for using his likeness and material without permission to create an AI-generated comedy special featuring Carlin, but it turns out the special was actually written by a human.


  • The Dudesy podcast released a 1-hour comedy special titled "George Carlin: I'm Glad I'm Dead" claiming it was AI-generated using Carlin's material.

  • Carlin's estate filed a lawsuit against Dudesy saying they did not have permission to use his name, likeness, or material.

  • Dudesy revealed the special was actually written by a human writer, Chad Kultgen, as part of their premise to obfuscate how much human work goes into their "AI-created" content.

  • The lawsuit is still proceeding to determine exactly what is AI-created vs human-created and to claim damages for unauthorized use of Carlin's intellectual property.

  • It raises issues around AI content creation and use of copyrighted material without permission.

  • Other lawsuits are also emerging from comedians and authors over AI infringement.

  • Sets a precedent for who is responsible for "AI creations" - ultimately the humans behind the tools.


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