Pope Calls for AI Regulation After Own Deepfake Goes Viral

Pope Francis warned about the dangers of AI technology, citing the viral fake image of him wearing a puffer jacket that was generated using AI, which shows how AI can be used to spread misinformation. He called for international regulation of AI development and use to ensure it benefits humanity.


  • Pope Francis gave a speech warning about AI dangers, referencing a fake viral AI-generated image of him wearing a large white puffer jacket.

  • The image was created using the AI tool MidJourney and spread rapidly online in 2023, with many believing it was real.

  • AI image generators like MidJourney allow creating photo-realistic fake images simply by writing text prompts. This enables spreading misinformation easily.

  • Pope Francis said AI's potential is "both exciting and disorienting" and the tech is merely an extension of humanity that can be used for good or bad.

  • He warned AI audio can also fake people's voices to make them appear to say things they didn't.

  • He called for binding international regulation of AI development and use to ensure it benefits humanity.

  • He urged the world to work together on this and raised questions about who will benefit from AI and how to make it more accessible to the poor.

  • He said the future of AI depends on our decisions and whether we nourish wisdom and freedom or become "fodder for algorithms".


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