Researcher Banned After Exposing AI's Nude Images

Midjourney, an AI image generation platform, banned independent researcher Tim Boucher shortly after he revealed the platform was inadvertently generating nude images, violating its own content policies.


  • Midjourney is an AI platform that creates photorealistic images from text prompts. It has strict policies against generating NSFW content.
  • Researcher Tim Boucher found Midjourney was accidentally creating nude images from prompts like "beach party".
  • Boucher and media outlet The Debrief tested this flaw further, easily generating additional nude images.
  • Less than 24 hours after publicizing the issue, Midjourney banned Boucher without explanation.
  • Boucher had highlighted the platform's ineffective content filters and moderation. The ban raises concerns about protecting researchers investigating AI safety issues.
  • It remains unclear if Midjourney has fixed the NSFW image generation problem. The company did not comment or respond to Boucher's refund request.
  • The incident highlights needs for transparent AI governance, effective user feedback mechanisms, and commitments to addressing unintended consequences of AI systems.


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