OpenAI's GPT Store offers custom AI apps for images, writing, travel, and more

OpenAI launched a public marketplace called GPT Store for users to share and download custom versions of ChatGPT known as GPTs. The most popular GPTs focus on image generation, productivity, logos, diagrams, research, writing assistance, coding, education, travel, and more.


  • OpenAI launched the GPT Store marketplace last month for paying ChatGPT users.
  • GPT Store allows builders to share custom AI apps called GPTs.
  • GPTs leverage ChatGPT for specific use cases like creating images, presentations, writing, etc.
  • There are currently over 30,000 GPT creators.
  • Popular GPTs include:
    • Image Generator - generates images from text prompts
    • Canva - creates presentations, social posts, logos
    • LogoCreator - creates custom logos
    • Diagrams: Show Me - makes diagrams and visualizations
    • Consensus - searches academic papers and creates citations
    • Cartoonize Yourself - turns photos into Pixar characters
    • Data Analyst - analyzes data files and creates visualizations
    • Write for Me - generates high quality writing
    • Humanizer Pro - makes AI writing seem more human
    • Grimoire - builds websites from text prompts
    • Universal Primer - answers questions on any topic
    • Kayak - travel assistant for booking trips
  • GPT Store ranks most popular GPTs overall and by category
  • OpenAI plans to pay GPT creators based on user engagement


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