Hugging Face Launches OpenAI GPT Rival for Custom AI Assistants

Hugging Face launched customizable Chat Assistants as a free, open-source alternative to OpenAI's paid GPT store for creating customized AI chatbots.


  • Hugging Face announced customizable Chat Assistants to create own AI chatbots using open source models like Mistral's Mixstral and Meta's Llama 2.
  • It is a free alternative to OpenAI's paid GPT store for custom AI assistants requiring $20/month subscription.
  • The assistants aggregator page visually resembles GPT store with baseball card style boxes to display custom Assistants.
  • Users can choose open source models, customize capabilities as per needs to create Chat Assistants.
  • GPTs outperform currently by supporting web search, retrieval augmented generation, and logo generation through DALL-E 3.
  • The move allows more openness and democratization in building customized AI solutions.
  • It promotes free access and prevents vendor lock-ins via subscriptions for generative AI.


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