OpenAI's New Licensing Strategy

OpenAI is initiating content licensing deals with publishers to use their content ethically for training its AI models, amid industry-wide challenges regarding intellectual property rights and sustainable AI development.


  • OpenAI has begun offering licensing deals to publishers to use their content legally in AI model training.
  • The Information reported that OpenAI proposed modest fees (between $1 million to $5 million annually) to license news articles, which may be insufficient for some publishers.
  • Apple is also in talks with publishers for content licensing, offering more favorable terms than OpenAI, including broader usage rights for future AI products.
  • The New York Times has sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement, seeking billions in damages, highlighting the increasing legal challenges in the AI industry.
  • Google previously faced similar issues and had to compensate publishers for using their content.
  • Elon Musk threatened to sue Microsoft over the use of Twitter data, indicating broader industry conflicts over data usage.
  • The costs of licensing content, combined with the resource-intensive nature of AI development, could challenge the sustainability of generative AI technology.
  • Laurent Giret, a Senior News Editor at, authored the article.
  • The article underscores the evolving landscape of AI development, where legal and ethical considerations are becoming increasingly significant.