The Rise of Personalized AI Assistants

Emerging technologies like generative AI, ambient computing, and personalized digital assistants will transform how people interact with and use technology in their daily lives in the coming years.


  • Generative AI chatbots and ambient computing technologies will provide personalized "AI experiences" that act as daily guides, gurus and therapists for people.
  • These AI assistants will be customized for individuals, learn users' preferences over time, and manage personal and professional tasks through natural voice conversations.
  • The assistants may run on new types of devices like smart pins or wearables rather than smartphones, using projected laser displays and gestures as interfaces.
  • Most current AI systems run in the cloud but future bespoke corporate AI experiences will likely run on-premises for more control, while some may run at the edge.
  • Key challenges include making large AI models work on mobile devices, connecting APIs to enable end-to-end task completion by voice, and advancing ambient display capabilities.
  • IT leaders need to prepare by testing new computing formats, software experiences and displays overlaying the physical world to be ready for this future. Trusted partners can help navigate this AI-powered world.



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