The Rise of Trusted AIs

AI systems connected to sensors and actuators in the physical world will start interacting with and controlling the environment on a massive scale. This requires these AIs to be both trusted and trustworthy.


  • AI systems like large language models (LLMs) are getting better at understanding human language and generating humanlike responses. They will start replacing humans for many tasks.
  • In 2024, these AI systems will connect to sensors and actuators in the physical world through APIs. They will receive inputs from and start controlling the environment.
  • This will happen first for simple tasks like scheduling, reservations, arguing for refunds etc. But will extend to coordinating and optimizing large systems like power grids, factories, transportation networks etc.
  • These AI systems spread across sensors, actuators and processing units will essentially function as large interconnected robots.
  • Security will depend on these decentralized AIs being both trusted and trustworthy, like an executive assistant agency used by an entire industry.
  • This future requires rethinking assumptions of governance, economy and individuality. It's more aligned with ideas of Buddhist interconnectedness than Western individualism.
  • In 2024, we will see the first steps towards this future that requires AI systems that are trusted and trustworthy.


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