Rise of the Machines? No, Rise of the AI Whisperers: 12 New Jobs for the Generative AI Era

Generative AI, while potentially displacing some jobs, will also create entirely new job roles focused on guiding, refining, and interpreting AI, as well as integrating its capabilities into various sectors.


  • AI Prompt Engineer: Experts in crafting specific outputs from generative AI applications, requiring strong communication, attention to detail, critical thinking, and data skills.
  • Generative Design Specialist: Similar to prompt engineers, but focused on design outputs in fields like architecture, product design, and engineering.
  • AI Input And Output Manager: Oversees information fed to generative AI systems and their outputs, considering data privacy, copyright, explainability, and bias.
  • AI Content Reviewer/Content Auditor: Assesses quality, accuracy, and appropriateness of content created by generative AI across various formats.
  • AI Trainer: Specializes in "teaching" and refining AI models by feeding data and fine-tuning outputs for accuracy and relevance.
  • AI Maintenance Engineer: Ensures upkeep of AI models by updating them, maintaining efficient system operation, and troubleshooting issues.
  • AI Security Specialist: Defends systems against malicious use of AI and potentially uses AI to mitigate threats in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.
  • AI Instructor/AI Literacy Educator: Teaches individuals about AI's workings, benefits, and challenges as AI literacy becomes crucial.
  • AI Ethicist/AI Ethics Officer: Ensures ethical development and use of AI systems, free from biases and socially responsible.
  • AI Compliance Manager/AI Compliance Officer: Oversees adherence to ethical guidelines and ensures legal compliance within the evolving regulatory landscape of AI.
  • AI Personality Designer: Creates unique and engaging personalities for generative AI tools to make interactions more human-like.
  • Custom AI Solution Developer: Develops custom, niche AI solutions tailored to specific industry needs or challenges.

This list highlights the diverse range of new job roles emerging in the generative AI era, emphasizing the opportunities alongside potential disruptions.



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