The Generative AI Talent Crunch

Companies are urgently looking to hire generative AI talent to build solutions, but finding the right people is challenging due to shifting job titles, high salaries, and specific skill requirements.


  • Companies see huge potential in using generative AI (GenAI) to drive transformation and are scrambling to hire talent, with some job postings up 3600% recently.
  • 79% of businesses want to leverage GenAI in next 3 years for organizational change.
  • Hiring is complicated by indistinct, shifting job titles like "GenAI engineer," "AI engineer," and "machine learning engineer."
  • Andela doesn't care much about titles, just matches talent to skills needed for role. Data scientists still top their hierarchy.
  • Large percentage of Andela clients want practitioners comfortable with large language models (LLMs) - fine-tuning and hosting their own for privacy reasons.
  • Prompt engineering is most in-demand GenAI job now with $300K average starting salary, but degree not always needed according to Andela. Skills-based hiring growing.
  • Degree still preferred for data scientists specializing in GenAI. Relevant Masters or PhD typically required.
  • Companies advised to focus on skills rather than degrees to adapt quickly to changing tech and fill roles.

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