12 Emerging Jobs in the Generative AI Era

Generative AI has the potential to create many new jobs related to managing, optimizing, and ensuring responsible use of AI systems, rather than purely replacing existing jobs.


  • Generative AI raises questions about its impact on jobs, but it could also lead to new roles emerging.

  • 12 potential new generative AI-related jobs are identified: prompt engineer, generative design specialist, AI input/output manager, AI content reviewer, AI trainer, AI maintenance engineer, AI security specialist, AI instructor, AI ethicist, AI compliance manager, AI personality designer, and custom AI solution developer.

  • These jobs focus on areas like interpreting and improving AI outputs, training AI models, enhancing AI literacy and ethics, ensuring legal compliance, and developing customized AI solutions.

  • Rather than seeing generative AI as solely displacing jobs, we should recognize its potential to create new jobs related to the responsible development and integration of AI capabilities. There will be growing demand for experts to guide generative AI.


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