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Unlock AI's Potential: The Art of Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is a new field that helps users design instructions for AI models to get better results. This can be done by providing more specific instructions, including context and examples, and continuing the conversation with the AI model. READ ARTICLE

AI Job Alert: Prompt Engineer Pays Most, But is it Hot?

Prompt engineer is the highest-paying AI job with an average annual salary of $300,000, but it ranks only 6th on the list of the most in-demand AI careers based on the number of available positions. READ ARTICLE

AI: Not a Job Thief, But a Workplace Assistant

AI is not replacing humans in the workplace, but rather assisting them by taking on tedious or time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-level work. READ ARTICLE

Decoding the Prompt Engineer Dream: Reality Check on Skills & Hype

Prompt engineering is not a dream job with no requirements as advertised online. It requires expertise in programming, machine learning, and natural language processing. While the field is promising, it is not suitable for everyone and does not guarantee high salaries without the necessary skills. READ ARTICLE

Sora Sparks Fears of Mass Creative Destruction

Sora, OpenAI's new AI image generator, has the potential to negatively impact the careers of creative professionals like photographers, artists, animators, and filmmakers by automating work previously done by humans. There are concerns about misuse of the technology and lack of regulation. READ ARTICLE

Unlock Your AI Superpowers: Mastering the Art of Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering, also known as prompt crafting, is a valuable skill for getting the most out of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, Copilot, and Gemini. By understanding different prompt types and utilizing effective structures, you can significantly improve the quality and relevance of the AI's responses. READ ARTICLE

Prompt Engineers in High Demand, But Are They the New Data Scientists?

Prompt engineering is a rapidly growing field with high demand and even higher salaries, but there is a significant shortage of skilled professionals. While the role requires a mix of technical and creative skills, there is no clear path to becoming a prompt engineer and the tooling is still under…

The Lucrative Rise of Prompt Engineers

The key takeaway is that prompt engineering has emerged as a lucrative new skillset in the year since ChatGPT launched, involving crafting effective prompts to get AI systems to produce better results. There is high demand and premium pay for prompt engineers. In the past year since ChatGPT launched, prompt…

AI Revolution Breeds New Jobs: Prompt Engineers in High Demand!

While AI may disrupt some jobs, it's also creating new opportunities, particularly in the field of prompt engineering. Companies are increasingly seeking individuals who can effectively interact with and guide AI tools to generate desired outputs. READ ARTICLE

Prompt Engineering: Fad or Future of AI Interaction?

Prompt engineering is a new field that is still evolving, but it has the potential to be a valuable skill for anyone working with large language models (LLMs). However, it is not yet clear whether prompt engineering can be considered a true engineering discipline in its own right. Prompt engineering…

Talk to the Robots: Mastering LLM Communication with Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering, refining how you communicate with large language models (LLMs), is crucial for getting the desired response. By understanding different prompting strategies and best practices, you can maximize the effectiveness of your interactions with LLMs. READ ARTICLE

Make $300k/Year as an AI Prompt Engineer

Prompt engineering, a field focused on crafting instructions for generative AI models, is becoming an increasingly lucrative career path, with some professionals earning upwards of $300,000 per year. This report summarizes various free and paid resources to help individuals learn prompt engineering and potentially land high-paying jobs in this rapidly…

Architects of the AI Revolution: Rise of the Full-Stack Prompt Engineer

The key takeaway is that the role of "Full-Stack" AI Prompt Engineer is emerging as an important and in-demand position to architect AI systems and interactions. As AI becomes more integrated into daily life, there is tremendous opportunity - and responsibility - in this role. The article describes the rise…

The Rising Demand for Prompt Engineers

Prompt engineering is an emerging and promising career path with strong demand as AI becomes more prevalent across industries. However, it will likely evolve over time so adaptability is key. It can serve as a launching point to related careers. READ ARTICLE

Speak to the AI, Get What You Want: The Rise of the Prompt Engineer

Prompt engineering is a new and emerging field in the tech sector that involves crafting instructions for generative AI tools to produce desired outputs. It's a promising career path with high earning potential, especially for those with technical backgrounds and strong communication skills. READ ARTICLE

Unlock AI's Magic: Master the Art of Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the art of crafting precise queries to get the most accurate, relevant, and useful responses from AI models like GPT-3 and GPT-4. What is Prompt Engineering? Examples of prompts: Best practices for writing prompts: Things to avoid: Prompt engineering is a valuable skill for maximizing the potential…

The Rise of Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the practice of crafting clear, specific prompts to get high-quality outputs from AI systems like ChatGPT. It is predicted to become an important skill, with 60% of employees receiving prompt engineering training by 2024. Prompt engineering helps people phrase requests to AI systems like ChatGPT to get…

Tech Giants Pledge Millions for AI Training

Major tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon have pledged to train millions of workers in AI skills by 2025-2026 to address the talent gap and prepare workforces for AI adoption across industries. IBM aims to train 2 million people in AI skills by end of 2026 through its online…

The Generative AI Talent Crunch

Companies are urgently looking to hire generative AI talent to build solutions, but finding the right people is challenging due to shifting job titles, high salaries, and specific skill requirements. Read Article

The Future is AI: 13 Must-Have Skills for the Next Decade

Artificial intelligence skills and specializations like explainable AI, causal inference, ethics and governance, quantum ML, genetic engineering, cybersecurity, behavioral psychology, robotics coordination, sustainable resource management, cognitive simulation, multimodal UX design, translation, and digital twins will be in high demand over the next decade as AI continues its rapid development and…

The Rise of the Chief AI Officer

Businesses are urgently hiring executives and roles related to AI and language models due to the rise of AI technologies like ChatGPT, signaling a shift towards a more tech-driven economy. Since the launch of ChatGPT in 2022, demand for AI executives and roles has surged, with compensation reaching over $1…

Will AI turn coders into managers?

AI assistants like ChatGPT are more like employees you need to negotiate with rather than code you can precisely control, so integrating AI may turn programmers into managers of AI systems. READ MORE

AI's Potential Revolution in Education Raises Questions

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize education in various ways, but there are also risks and challenges that need to be addressed regarding ethics, privacy, and responsible development. Summary The summit discussed whether AI can revolutionize education and involved major figures like Hillary Clinton, Nicholas Kristof, Geoffrey Canada, and…

The Rise of AI Executives and Fall of the Metaverse

Businesses are rapidly hiring artificial intelligence officers and investing in AI technology, while interest and jobs related to the metaverse have declined significantly over the past year. READ MORE

Will AI Replace Developers? Client Refuses ChatGPT Code

Clients are starting to specify not accepting code generated by AI tools like ChatGPT, but these tools can actually help developers be more productive by providing initial code sketches. Summary The job posting specified not accepting ChatGPT generated code, sparking a debate on Twitter whether AI generated code is good…

Corporations Rapidly Embracing AI Despite Worker Worries

Artificial intelligence mentions in corporate earnings calls have surged dramatically in the past year, indicating AI is becoming deeply entrenched in corporate strategy and performance. Companies that embrace AI are seeing substantial benefits like revenue growth, share price increases, and improved productivity. READ MORE

AI-led job crisis looms in 2024

The wider deployment of AI technology in India is expected to make 15,000-20,000 jobs redundant in 2024, particularly in coding profiles, system maintenance, and support functions at junior levels. READ MORE

AI is Changing the Developer Experience

ChatGPT and other AI chatbots are changing how software developers work by allowing them to code faster, search for information more efficiently, and focus on higher-value tasks instead of repetitive coding work. However, developers remain cautious about relying too heavily on AI tools and limit what they share. ChatGPT is…

Lucrative AI Jobs Pay Much More Than Average

AI-related jobs are offering significantly higher salaries compared to other occupations. Entry-level AI positions earn about 128% more than similar non-AI jobs. READ MORE

The One Skill OpenAI Says Will Matter Most in 2024

The key skill that will matter most in 2024 is human communication - the ability to read, write, and speak effectively. Mastering these skills will prepare people for interacting with both humans and future AI systems. READ MORE

Taxing AI's Winners to Insure its Losers

Key Takeaway AI and automation will likely lead to increases in income inequality. Governments need to implement "inequality insurance" by automatically increasing tax rates on the top 1% when inequality exceeds certain thresholds. This will help compensate workers who lose jobs to automation. READ MORE

AI Assistants Poised to Become Virtual Coworkers

Key Takeaway Large language models like chatbots will evolve from just answering questions to becoming virtual agents capable of performing actions on your computer, essentially becoming AI coworkers that can help automate tasks. READ MORE

How AI Will Shape the Future of Communications

Key Takeaway ChatGPT and other AI technologies have the potential to fundamentally change the communications profession by automating rote tasks and allowing PR pros to focus more on creativity and strategy. However, AI cannot fully replace human skills and judgment. READ MORE

The Rise of Prompt Engineers

Key Takeaway The key takeaway is that prompt engineers are in huge demand as the world embraces generative AI, but there is a major shortage of availability of people with prompt engineering skills. READ MORE

Stay Relevant with AI

Key Takeaway Artificial intelligence like ChatGPT is already being widely used in workplaces and everyone should learn how to properly use these tools through prompt engineering in order to remain relevant at work as AI continues advancing rapidly. Read Article