Sora Sparks Fears of Mass Creative Destruction

Sora, OpenAI's new AI image generator, has the potential to negatively impact the careers of creative professionals like photographers, artists, animators, and filmmakers by automating work previously done by humans. There are concerns about misuse of the technology and lack of regulation.


  • YouTuber Soup.erNova expresses concern that Sora will end many creative careers that are already difficult, leaving people without jobs.
  • They worry Sora may be used to create fake videos framing people for crimes, questioning if laws will regulate this and if society could collapse from such misuse.
  • As a 16-year-old aspiring animator, Soup.erNova fears Sora has destroyed their dream career and ability to support themself financially with art.
  • Respondents provide perspective on how AI art generators are tools for creation rather than pure replacement, how they elevate human creativity into direction/curation roles, and how prompt engineering skills will be vital creative assets.
  • Historical examples are given of new technologies seen as destructive actually creating new opportunities, emphasizing the importance of an open mindset and willingness to integrate innovations like Sora as a collaborator.
  • Commenters encourage seeing potential positives like using Sora to build novel art installations, custom video art, and simplified educational content to expand the creative job market.
  • Concerns remain about disruption of established industries and business models in film, effects, animation, etc. if replacement occurs before measured adoption and adaptation.


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