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Ex-Rep Alarmed by Briefing on AI's Potential Perils

Former Rep. Will Hurd was "freaked out" by a briefing on AI system GPT4 while serving on OpenAI's board, calling it a first step toward artificial general intelligence (AGI). He argues for governance guardrails on AGI given the potential for both good and catastrophic consequences. READ MORE

VERSES Claims Path to AGI, Sparks Debate

Key Takeaway VERSES, a company claiming to be close to developing AGI, has requested that OpenAI assist them per OpenAI's charter instead of competing, sparking a debate on the feasibility of VERSES' claims and the implications of OpenAI's "assist" clause. Read More

VERSES Demos Natural Intelligence System "Genius"

Key Takeaway VERSES has developed and demonstrated Genius, a new AI system patterned after natural intelligence that achieves general intelligence capabilities in software through understanding, learning, and adapting in real time. Genius represents a path to safer, more aligned AI that is more efficient and explainable. VERSES believes traditional AI…

Flaws in AI Existential Threat Arguments

Key Takeaway The key arguments made by proponents of AI posing an existential threat due to recursive self-improvement are extremely flawed and not convincing. There is no evidence that AI systems will inherently want to or be able to recursively improve themselves rapidly. The argument that an AI that is…

The Countdown to Superhuman AGI

Key Takeaway The key perspectives from the video are that superhuman AGI (artificial general intelligence) is likely less than a decade away, which could significantly disrupt society and the economy in the short term. However, there is optimism that in the long run superintelligent AGIs will be beneficial and help…