Modular AI's Chris Lattner Believes Human Intelligence Trumps AGI Fears

Chris Lattner believes we should not worry too much about AGI right now as we already have "super intelligence" in the form of groups of humans working together towards shared goals.


  • Chris Lattner is the CEO of Modular AI and does not spend time worrying about AGI personally.
  • He believes we already have "super intelligence" in the form of groups of humans working together.
  • He suggests folks worried about AGI take a step back and realize progress comes from humans working together.
  • Modular AI recently raised $100 million to build easier to use AI tools.
  • Lattner has contributed to various open source projects like LLVM, Clang, Swift etc.
  • He got interested in AI around 2016 when working at Apple.
  • He believes 2023 was the year of AI demos, 2024 will see more real products using generative AI.
  • Modular AI is focused on making AI more accessible beyond just the big tech companies.
  • They plan to soon support training as well as inference.
  • Lattner moved slowly and deliberately in building technology.


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