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Unleash Your Inner Artist: Free AI Image Creation & Editing in Windows 11 Paint

Microsoft Paint in Windows 11 now has two new features: Cocreator, an AI image generator, and Layers, for working with multiple levels in an image. These features allow users to create more complex and interesting images without needing expensive software like Photoshop. Cocreator: Layers: General: READ ARTICLE

Spider-Verse Co-Writer Slams NBA's AI Art Style as "Janky Rip-Off"

Chris Miller, co-writer of the Spider-Verse franchise, criticizes the NBA's AI system for imitating the films' iconic art style without permission and failing to achieve the same level of artistry. The NBA revealed 'NB-AI', allowing fans to activate "movie mode" and watch live games animated like popular films, such as…

AI Art Inspires Next Great Minecraft Builds

AI image generation can provide inspiration and ideas for Minecraft builds by producing images of structures in the Minecraft art style. The generative aspect of Minecraft allows players to build nearly anything they can imagine, with imagination being the main limiting factor. X user Artificial World posted AI-generated images of…

The Artificial Artist - Can AI Truly Replace Human Creativity?

AI image generation tools like Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion can create stunning visual artworks and designs based on text descriptions. However, AI still lacks human creativity and has limitations in diversity, details, and adhering to social rules. READ MORE