Blending Reality and Imagination: An Artist's Journey with AI

Dutch artist Nancy Poeran uses a combination of photography, sketches, textures, and AI to explore the concept of reality and question what constitutes truth through surreal and thought-provoking imagery.


  • Nancy combines classic photography techniques with AI to enhance aspects of reality rather than generate purely artificial images.
  • She enters into a dialogue with AI, continuously adapting the output to portray the emotions and visions she wants to convey.
  • Her creative process starts with her own photographs, sketches or textures which she then builds upon using AI.
  • Nancy believes AI brings new artistic possibilities and stimulates creativity rather than negatively impacting art.
  • Her work focuses on human psychology and identity, using contrasts and abstractions to convey different perspectives and truths.
  • She is inspired by cubism and its different way of seeing things, questioning whether observations can be trusted.
  • Nancy refers to herself as an "AI Explorer", seeing AI as a tool to realize ideas and discover new creative perspectives.
  • She feels some audiences dismiss AI art without exploring deeper meanings, while others remain open-minded.
  • Her goal is to have the conceptual meaning and visual aesthetic of her art appreciated regardless of medium.
  • By not naming her works, Nancy wants to prevent limiting interpretations and allow viewers to draw their own meanings.
  • Through her art, Nancy concludes reality is subjective without a single truth, and different perspectives can coexist.


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