Fix Typos in Your Midjourney Art Like a Pro: The Inpainting Method You Need

A simple method to correct typos in AI-generated images while preserving font, style, and spacing is to use Midjourney's inpainting feature to replace only the incorrect characters.


  • The article explains a technique to fix typos in AI-generated text while maintaining the original font, size, and style.
  • Midjourney sometimes makes typos when generating text. We need to be patient as text generation is still developing.
  • Inpainting can be used to target and replace only the incorrect characters rather than re-generating the entire text.
  • To use this method:
    • Enable /remix mode in Midjourney.
    • Select only the incorrect characters.
    • Type the correct characters in quotes with an arbitrary prompt weight like "correct text"::10.
    • Make sure to also update the full text in the prompt.
  • This preserves font, size, spacing, and overall style rather than changing everything.
  • The same concept works to intentionally change words, not just fix typos.
  • But prompt updating and weight may be needed to fix spacing issues between characters.
  • This simple inpainting method is fast and reliable for basic text corrections in Midjourney V6.


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