Supercharge Your Business With AI

Learning skills like no-code software development with tools like Airtable and conversing with AI tools like ChatGPT can greatly enhance productivity, eliminate the need for hiring additional staff, and give you an exponential edge over the competition.


  • The video discusses how learning to code is very time consuming, but no-code software development platforms like Airtable allow you to create intricate databases and custom software without coding expertise.
  • With just 1 week of learning Airtable, the speaker freed up 1 day per week of time and reduced staff needs by 20% over 3 years while doubling company revenue. Airtable acts as a "massive brain" to instantly access any company data.
  • ChatGPT is also discussed as having incredible capabilities that can eliminate the need to hire people. It can create graphics, website copy, UX design, and more in seconds with simple prompting.
  • The speaker created a full presentation cover image in 60 seconds using ChatGPT by describing the desired graphic and having ChatGPT direct the Midjourney AI to generate variations.
  • AI advancement is allowing the speaker's company to eliminate 30-35 marketing positions to save costs.
  • The speaker argues learning to leverage these AI tools gives you an exponential edge over competition and massively magnifies individual capabilities.

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