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AI Adoption Hits Warp Speed

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT reached mass adoption extremely quickly in 2023, transforming the AI industry and resetting expectations for the pace of adoption of new technologies. READ MORE

Embracing AI: Small and Midsize Businesses Optimistic for 2024 

Small and midsize businesses are increasingly optimistic about their economic prospects for 2024, with a decreased expectation of a recession. A notable shift is the growing inclination to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various business operations, reflecting a positive outlook and resilience despite past economic uncertainties and challenges. READ MORE

Finding the Right Clinical AI Solution

AI solutions should be evaluated based on the specific problems they can solve and their impact, not just the AI technology behind them. Precision AI is currently having the biggest impact in clinical medicine rather than the latest AI buzzwords. Summary Many AI solutions are overhyped in media, but currently…