Finding the Right Clinical AI Solution

AI solutions should be evaluated based on the specific problems they can solve and their impact, not just the AI technology behind them. Precision AI is currently having the biggest impact in clinical medicine rather than the latest AI buzzwords.


  • Many AI solutions are overhyped in media, but currently AI cannot solve every healthcare problem and realistic expectations are needed.
  • The AI technology behind a solution (like generative AI) matters less than its ability to solve a specific problem and drive better outcomes.
  • Precision AI is currently the technology with the biggest impact on clinical outcomes, more so than the latest AI buzzwords.
  • Solutions should focus on appropriately solving a problem at reasonable cost rather than using the biggest AI models possible.
  • The smartest AI teams build models to best solve healthcare problems, not necessarily the biggest or most expensive models.
  • AI solutions should be evaluated on their ability to impact care pathways and patient outcomes rather than the hype around the AI technology itself.
  • Realistic expectations around AI capabilities now and in the future help hospital systems adopt AI effectively.

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