Microsoft Supercharges Copilot with New AI Features and Star-Studded Marketing Blitz

Microsoft is rolling out new AI-powered features and capabilities in Copilot, its suite of generative AI tools, along with a revamped design and upgrades to the underlying AI model. This is timed with a Super Bowl ad campaign to promote Copilot.


  • Microsoft's Copilot tools have seen rapid adoption with over 5 billion chats and 5 billion images created in just one year. The tools use generative AI to help users create text, images, and more.

  • New upgrades include improved AI model Deucalion, streamlined interface, prompt suggestions, and ability to edit images like colorizing, blurring backgrounds, changing styles etc.

  • Coming soon is Copilot Designer GPT for more immersive generative image creation experience.

  • The new capabilities come as Microsoft launches a flashy Super Bowl ad campaign to promote Copilot.

  • However, issues remain with Copilot Pro premium tier including long generation times and bugs, likely due to insufficient server capacity.

  • Overall Microsoft is heavily investing in Copilot as a consumer-facing suite of GenAI tools for creation, building on rapid user adoption and planning major marketing push. But some kinks still need to be worked out especially on premium side.


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