Prompt Engineers: Fad or Future? Why Companies Should Look Beyond the Hype

Prompt engineers, the supposed hottest new job in tech, are likely a temporary solution and not worth the investment for most companies. Partnering with reliable AI vendors offering intuitive interfaces and low-code capabilities is a more sustainable approach.


  • Shifting tech landscape: Generative AI requires proper management and facilitation, not just implementation.
  • Overreliance concerns: Companies initially overestimated how readily they could adopt generative AI, leading to fears of overreliance and knowledge gaps.
  • Rise of the Prompt Engineer: A new role emerged to bridge the communication gap between humans and AI, but its existence highlights the challenges with current generative AI.
  • Alternative for Prompt Engineers: Companies with limited resources should consider partnering with AI vendors who provide built-in support and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Vendor-level Prompt Engineers: AI vendors should take responsibility for user support and offer features like low-code capabilities and intuitive interfaces, essentially fulfilling the role of Prompt Engineers within their product.
  • The future of AI in business: A team approach involving engineers, programmers, and customer-facing roles is more effective than relying solely on Prompt Engineers.


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