Microsoft Supercharges Copilot with Built-In Image Creation

Microsoft has updated its Copilot AI assistant with new image creation and editing capabilities powered by DALL-E, as well as a refreshed interface.


  • Microsoft gave Copilot a visual refresh with a cleaner look and new image prompt carousel to spark ideas.
  • Copilot now has built-in image creation and editing tools called Designer, leveraging DALL-E capabilities. Allows tweaking images within Copilot without needing another app.
  • Designer provides ideas for modifying images which you can instantly apply. Gives more creative flexibility.
  • Copilot Pro subscribers get additional Designer features like resizing images in chat.
  • An upcoming Designer GPT feature will provide an "immersive canvas" for visualizing and developing ideas within Copilot.
  • The updates make Copilot more visually engaging and unlock more creative potential through AI image generation.
  • They position Copilot to better compete with Google's new AI assistant Bard.


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