AI Tools You Really Need 

There are many AI softwares available, but the most useful ones based on experience are GPT-4 (including ChatGPT Plus), MidJourney for image generation, and Opus for video. Website builders like Shopify and Webflow are better than AI sites, and automation tools like Zapier are top for connecting apps.


  • The best AI chatbot is ChatGPT Plus, which requires a $20/month subscription for full capabilities. The free ChatGPT and GPT-4 provide good but more limited functionality.
  • For image generation, MidJourney is currently better than DALL-E in terms of capabilities and cost.
  • AI copywriting and email outreach tools are generally not needed when ChatGPT can handle those tasks well.
  • For design, solutions like Canva or Photoshop are recommended over AI depending on the specific use case.
  • Shopify, Webflow and other website builders are superior to AI-generated sites in most cases.
  • Opus is the top AI video creator software, though quality has declined recently.
  • For automation like connecting apps, Zapier is a top choice with the most integrations.

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