ChatGPT Reigns Supreme Amongst 150 Top AI Tools

FlexOS surveyed over 200 AI tools and analyzed traffic data to reveal the 150 most used AI platforms globally. ChatGPT is by far the leader, taking over 50% of usage, while tools like Grammarly, Brainly, Character.AI and Midjourney also have millions of users each month.


  • ChatGPT has over 50% market share of all AI tools usage, showing its clear dominance. Together with Bing AI, Bard, Claude and Copilot, these main AI assistants take 66% of usage.

  • Excluding the main chatbots, the top categories of AI tools usage are: writing & editing, education, social & characters, research, and image generation.

  • Many unexpected niche AI tools have over 1 million monthly users, like architecture tool Prome AI and English coach ELSA. Even AI homework help tools like Brainly have 42 million monthly users globally.

  • Younger generations are adopting AI tools for education and socializing more than older demographics. This signals a future workforce very comfortable with AI collaboration.

  • While AI image generation gets lots of buzz, tools in this category rank lower than expected in usage compared to writing, research and education AI.

  • Grammarly stands out with 71% market share in the writing & editing AI tools category. Character.AI similarly dominates social & chat bots with 89% share.

  • The study methodology combined assessing search engine traffic data and rankings to estimate comparative usage across AI platforms. Direct user numbers were not available.


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