Spider-Verse Co-Writer Slams NBA's AI Art Style as "Janky Rip-Off"

Chris Miller, co-writer of the Spider-Verse franchise, criticizes the NBA's AI system for imitating the films' iconic art style without permission and failing to achieve the same level of artistry.


  • Chris Miller, co-writer of Spider-Verse, criticizes the NBA's AI system that presents NBA games in the Spider-Verse art style.
  • Miller claims the NBA didn't seek permission from Sony or the film's creatives before using the style.
  • He criticizes the AI's art style, calling it "janky-ass" and inferior to the handcrafted animation of the Spider-Verse films.
  • The Spider-Verse art style involved a large team of animators and a painstaking process to achieve its unique look.
  • Miller acknowledges his love for the NBA and Spider-Verse but emphasizes the importance of respecting intellectual property and artistic integrity.
  • The article also provides background information on the development of the Spider-Verse art style and upcoming Spider-Man films.