AI Leaders Pick Top Films on Artificial Intelligence

Key Takeaway

The best AI movie according to most of the AI leaders interviewed is "Her" (2013) directed by Spike Jonze, which shows a nuanced and emotionally compelling depiction of humans bonding with AI. However, there is a variety of thoughtful AI movie recommendations that highlight different important aspects of AI.


  • The 2013 film "Her" starring Joaquin Phoenix is the top AI movie for many leaders as it shows a natural emotional connection and relationship between a human and an AI.
  • "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979) highlights AI themes like self-supervision and objective definition that are relevant today.
  • "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" (2023) offers a glimpse of how AI could amplify human creativity in the future.
  • "The Creator" (2023) shows a fictional future where humans and AI co-exist peacefully, a vision many hope becomes reality.
  • The 1980s film "WarGames" demonstrates both the promise of AI in evaluating complex scenarios as well as the need to supervise AI systems.
  • "Minority Report" (2002) starring Tom Cruise grapples with potential ethical issues arising from advanced technology and AI.
  • "Moneyball" (2011) illustrates how data analytics, the basis for AI, can confer strategic advantages.
  • "Everything Everywhere All at Once" (2022) reflects the overwhelming feeling many enterprise leaders have currently about the proliferation of AI.


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