How AI Can Expand Human Intelligence

AI can expand human intelligence and provide solutions to real-world problems when used correctly. It has the potential to streamline processes, automate tasks, serve as a launching pad for ideas, and help people in various ways.


  • AI tools like Snooze or News can help evaluate press releases for newsworthiness and elevate valuable content to get attention from journalists. This allows PR professionals to avoid fluff and focus on relevant content.

  • Zelma is an AI research assistant that aims to make student performance data more transparent and usable. By analyzing the data, stakeholders can better understand challenges schools face and make more informed decisions.

  • An AI grading system provides justified scores to students based on factors like grammar and use of sources. This streamlines the grading process for teachers while empowering students.

  • Chatbots act as always-on teaching assistants to help close skills gaps. They provide personalized guidance to each student based on their progress and learning style.

  • There are concerns over AI like information bias and employment disruptions. However, 1/3 of businesses already use AI in at least one function to reduce costs, increase efficiency and drive growth.

  • AI is a fundamental shift in how we inquire and engage with the world. It provides infinite possibilities to find solutions to problems and enhance human capabilities.


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