Pioneering Neurotech Startups Transform Healthcare and Human-AI Communication

MindPortal is pioneering human-AI telepathy through wearable neural interfaces, transforming communication and expanding human potential. Backed by top investors, its technology enables real-time thought interaction with AI.


  • Precision is pioneering powerful yet minimally invasive brain-computer interface implants to treat neurological conditions like strokes.
  • NeuroCreate has developed FlowCreateTM, an AI platform blending technology and human creativity to optimize cognitive processes and unlock creative potential.
  • Maaind's neuroadaptive AI platform revolutionizes personalization by detecting mood and stress to deliver tailored wellbeing experiences in real-time.
  • Neurofenix offers an innovative at-home therapy program using NeuroBallTM to empower stroke and TBI survivors through arm and hand recovery exercises and remote occupational therapy.
  • Neurons provides neuroscience-driven marketing solutions to global brands, forecasting campaign, image and video performance through AI and biomarkers like EEG and eye-tracking.
  • Other notable startups include Cumulus Neuroscience (at-home brain health monitoring), Cortirio (rapid TBI diagnosis through imaging), CoMind (innovative brain measurement devices) and BrainPatch (accessible neurostimulation for cognitive enhancement).


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